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Clinically researched and only proven natural ingredients used at levels that really make a difference | Biotin, arginine, aloe vera, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, caffeine, ginseng, gotu kola, saw palmetto, b complex, argan oil, sesame seed oil, grape seed oil, neem and nettle leaf extracts, pea sprout extract, lycium barbarum, red clover, vitamins and amino acids.

Detox and clarifying

Proven-efficient daily clarifying shampoo. Remove sebum buildup that causes hair to look dull or greasy and combat the effects of hard water, chlorine and styling products. Restore healthy balance, cleanse & nourish hair with the ultimate hair follicle detox shampoo fortifying weakened hair roots & strands.


Pu regrowth & detox shampoo works in 7 powerful ways: Improves scalp circulation for healthier roots (Increases hair strength and speeds growth) | Prevents root killing fungal buildup | DHT Blocks dihydrotestosterone | Stimulates anagen (growth) phase | Strengthens follicle anchoring for less shedding (Nourish hair follicles from the inside) | Nourishes the hair follicle from root to tip | Removes Build up (clarifying).


Rich in moisturizing, lubricating and conditioning properties from Argan Oil and Sesame Seed Oil; that prevent dryness, breakage and dandruff as well as hair fall. Both Oils are full of natural nourishers including phenols, carotenes, unsaturated fats, squalene, fatty acids, B-Complex, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, and Proteins.

prevent future hair loss

ultra deep damage repair

reduce in hair breakage


KERATIN PRO COMPLEX | Rich in amino acids, vitamins, powerful hair strengthening proteins and nourishing oils that immediately begin to strengthen, revitalize and repair damaged hair; deep moisturizing and conditioning properties, improves fibers and cuticles for a frizz free hair | Infused with Quinoa Pro NPF, a multi-functional natural protein for hair color retention, conditioning and UV protection.


Re growth stimulating & deep repair shampoo works in 7 powerful ways: | Strengthens weak, damaged, and over processed hair| Increases the blood flow to your scalp and hair follicles | Reduces split ends, frizzy hair and hair breakage | Stimulates anagen (growth) phase | Strengthens follicle anchoring for less shedding | Nourishes the hair follicle from root to tip | Adds shine and Volume.

turn heads to your lush hair

Say goodbye to damaged hair that lacks sheen and bounce and say hello to the most dazzling hair of your life. Evlogies has evolved hair care completely with a unique and innovative 3-product system designed to perfect your hair and keep it healthy forever. It’s the only system you’ll ever need for real and lasting results. It will repair, protect and stimulate hair growth, leaving you with perfect hair that shines with strength, grows in healthier and stronger, and is restored with elasticity and moisture deep within each strand. Hair is left feeling soft to the touch, completely revived and luminous for your most gorgeously perfect look ever.


Repair the negative effects of heat styling, color treatment and chemical processing with a hair repairing shampoo. It will reconstruct your hair from within, replenishing it strand by strand, to prevent breakage and brittle splitting hairs. It is a moisturizing botanical hair shampoo that will leave our hair deeply hydrated, sleek and easily manageable. ing (Nourish hair follicles from the inside) | Nourishes the hair follicle from root to tip.

imagine the perfect hair treatment

Hair mask & conditioner rich in nourishment, lubrication and conditioning properties, helps in softening and detangling rough hair and making it much more manageable. Rich in B-Complex (Biotin) and Vitamin E, provides added protection and strength to hair strands to prevent breakage. Seals the cuticle layer with a defensive shield while infusing your hair with vital antioxidants, vitamins, ceramides, proteins and nutrients that penetrate deep into the hair fiber for intensive nourishment.

• Deeply Conditions, Detangles, Hydrates

Condition your unruly hair and turn it into manageable, healthy, smooth and shiny hair. This special hair growth & thickening conditioner formula corrects split ends, controls frizz, and nourishes dry, damaged and color-treated or chemically processed hair, Restores your hair’s elasticity for a smoothed, silky and refreshed feel.

immaculate hair

KEY BENEFITS: Penetrates each strand of hair from the inside out ꞁ Makes hair healthier and healthier over time ꞁ Adds body MANAGEABILITY moisture and softness to hair ꞁ Progressive improvement for SMOOTHER more elegant hair ꞁ WEIGHTLESS moisturization ꞁ Rehydrates dehydrated and brittle hair ꞁ Rebuilds broken disulfide bonds ꞁ Seals in the COLOR and protect your hair’s cuticle ꞁ DEEP REPAIR & NATURAL Hair Growth Treatment for your hair.


Unique hair regrowth stimulating formula of Keratin Aloe Vera Argan Oil Barbary Fig Seed Oil Avocado Oil Vitamin E Panthenol Quinoa and a host of rich natural hair nourishing agents directly targets your hair fibers strengthening and repairing them in the process. The result? Exuberant perfect hair shining with all its power !



Longer, Fuller Healthier Hair

growth tonic

TONIC – Reduce Hair Loss, Restore Thinning Hair and promote new thicker hair growth – Follicle-boosting natural botanical ingredients, vitamins and oils are perfectly blended to form the most gentle yet effective hair growth solution for all hair types, proven to stimulate hair growth at its root while improving hair texture, fullness, and strength.


REGROWTH NIGTH TONIC –  is loaded with Follicle-boostin botanical ingredients. Biotin, Aloe Vera, Castor Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Clary Sage Oil, Arginine, Rosemary Leaf Oil, Caffeine, Hydrolized sesame seed Oil, Peppermint Oil and Orange / Citrus Limon / Citrus Aurantifolia Polypeptides.

smoothing serum

SERUMNourish and repair Leave in conditioner – Revitalize dry, damaged over-processed and frizzy hair and improve hair elasticity by using this serum as a leave in treatment. Your Hair will feel and look smoother, softer and shinier, give your hair more gorgeous look after your heat styling routine. As it reduces the appearance of dull / brittle hair, tames hair, lessens tangles and split ends while restores shine to hair. With a non-greasy feel.


SMOOTHING HAIR TREATMENT DAY SERUM: A unique blend of Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Oil, Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Elastin, Keratin and Castor Oil will make your tresses soft, shiny and stunning, even color treated ones. From lifeless to glamorous for long lasting results as this serum deeply nourishes your hair after every use.

your hair and your eyes say it all!


LOVEITLASH is an eyelash and brow enhancer & conditioner. This formula stimulates and lengthens your own lashes or eyebrows making them fuller, thicker and longer.


LOVEITLASH is the only dual x2 action formula for Lashes and Brows. Growth serum and conditioner, is fast, safe and less irritating than other products on the market. Our new and unique formula is salt and parabens free, making LOVEITLASH the number one eyelash and brow stimulator.


LOVEITLASH – Lash and Eyebrow Serum repairs the damage done by eyelash extensions or over-plucking your eyebrows, and transforms the appearance of short, thin lash lines.


From the first application, it conditions, moisturizes and fortifies to enhance the overall appearance of your lashes and brows. An infusion of moisture, increased luster, and a new fullness and length create a brightening, awakening effect for your whole face.

longer, fuller and stronger eyelashes in 3 weeks or less

LOVEITLASH Enhancer & conditioner can grow eyelashes 35%+ longer and fill in sparse brows. The conditioner will give a unique natural volume adding shine and while improves growth phase and strengthen them.


LOVEITLASH is formulated with a breakthrough stem cell complex and only natural ingredients that naturally stimulate growth.



We recommend using LOVEITLASH once a day. You should start noticing visible results in 1 – 4 weeks. Using LOVEITLASH every day, the appearance of your lashes and brows will dramatically transform into longer, fully, thicker lashes and brows. It’s like a magic wand. Lashes so long and beautiful you never imagine you could have. Double your lashes and brows and fall in love with your eyes.


LOVEITLASH system does not clump, smudge, run down the face, or require reapplication constantly.

How is LOVEITLASH superior to using false eyelashes?

Eyelashes enhanced by LOVEITLASH System look completely natural, because they are.

What precautions should I take with LOVEITLASH system?

Do not share your LOVEITLASH treatment Enhancer pen with others. Apply with a steady hand.

Can I be Allergic to LOVEITLASH?

Like any cosmetic, some people may experience allergic reactions to one or more of the ingredients. If you know you are allergic to any ingredient please stop using LOVEITLASH and visit your Doctor immediately.

What happens if I stop using LOVEITLASH?

Once you have obtain your desire length we recommend to start a maintenance program using LOVEITLASH Serum only 2 – 3 times a week to prevent your natural length to come back. Conditioner can be used everyday to ad volume and shine naturally.

About Us

Our commitment to developing unique, natural blends that truly take care of your hair is the reason we’re so focused on bringing you effective products that work to enhance, protect and repair your hair. Each of the ingredients we use to create our blends is of the highest quality to ensure your hair truly improves with every use of Evlogies products.


We know your hair says it all! It provides the first impression of your level of sophistication—a personal image used to express your taste and identity.


Evlogies Labs has implemented a unique hair care product development process which enables us to deliver the best in class. A new and exclusive category of hair care products, with the highest quality ingredients and technology for enhanced and long-lasting results, have been made by selecting the finest and most exotic natural ingredients to create naturally perfect hair.


Our process begins with the selection of premium-quality natural ingredients because we always create our products from a solid foundation of quality, exclusivity, and effectiveness. These ingredients are combined together for complete harmony to take you through a sublime hair care experience.


Our entire focus is on delivering the best quality hair care products without regard to price or packaging. Keeping true to our natural roots, we only use useful packaging made from recycled materials.


We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and quality proven products. We will treat you to the same best in class beauty experience that our loyal customers have enjoyed since day one, from when we started making private label hair care products for local and international hair salons and spas.

Contact us

Perfected hair guarantee

If you’re not happy with the results, you can return the complete packaging and bottles along with your receipt (dated within 30 days of purchase). However, before sending the products, please send us an email to returns@evlogies.com. We want to know your concerns!


Sublime ingredients

We analyzed over 26 of the most renowned, top brands that have been in the market for the last five years and quickly discovered that all of them relied on the same chemical-based, non-hair friendly ingredients. The main problem with some of these products is that they only give you a temporary sensation of hair repair, when all they really do is cover up the everlasting damage being done to your hair with the use of low-quality silicones or harsh chemicals. Our blends target hair issues and beautify your hair with natural ingredients daily for permanent and long-lasting results.

Drug free , only natural proven hair surge ingredients used at levels that really make a difference, nutrient rich thriving botanicals in all our blends.

Are your products organic?

Several of our product contain organic ingredients, however, none of our products are certified organic.

Are your products 100% natural?

Evlogies uses many ingredients that are certified organic, natural, or naturally derived, and we use some (safe!) synthetic ingredients, too. We aim to use the highest amount of naturally-derived ingredients in every product, as possible, without sacrificing product performance. However, there are some non-natural ingredients we use in our products to ensure shelf life, product efficacy, and product stability. The small % of non-natural ingredients we use are deemed safe and non-toxic by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and are only used to ensure the utmost product quality and performance.

Are your shampoos and conditioners pH balanced?

Yes, Evlogies products are pH balanced.

  • Evlogies® Shampoos: between 5.0-6.5
  • Evlogies® Conditioners: between 5.5-6.0