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Aloe Vera Hair Benefits

A hair divides what is false and true.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Hair Benefits for Naturally Perfect Hair

For centuries all around the world Aloe Vera has been revered as a miraculous plant, capable of healing with cooling and soothing powers. Another way it has been proven to help is with your hair. If you’re seeking the kind of flowing, luscious and gorgeous hair you’ve always dreamed of, using hair care products like Evlogies which uses Aloe Vera as the base ingredient.

Using Aloe Vera-infused products is the best way to get hair that looks healthier and shinier and feels softer to the touch. It will transform your hair to its most beautiful state. Here are some of the many benefits Aloe Vera has for your hair.

Cleanses without harm

When hair needs to be cleansed, the extra sebum or oil and residue from other hair products accumulates and leaves it looking greasy and dull. Aloe Vera is an outstanding ingredient for effective cleansing of the hair follicle, and because it is natural and pure, it doesn’t harm your hair strands as it cleans. Other products contain chemicals, but those chemical compounds come with a high price…damage to your hair. Evlogies won’t hurt your hair because it is created with natural Aloe Vera that preserves your hair’s natural integrity.

Enriched with vitamins for healthy hair

Aloe Vera is a rich natural source of vitamins A, C, and E. These three vitamins help promote healthy cell turnover so that hair continues to grow fuller and healthier with a naturally vibrant shine. Aloe Vera also has vitamin B-12 and folic acid which prevent fall out, so you’re left with plenty of lusciously bouncy locks.

Healing properties for the scalp and hair growth

When hair growth slows, lack of blood circulation to the scalp is to blame. Aloe Vera is an amazing natural ingredient that increases the blood flow to your scalp and hair follicles, promoting stronger and faster hair growth. Thanks to proteolytic enzymes naturally found in Aloe Vera, dead skin cells on the scalp are repaired to revitalize the area. Because it is soothing and cooling, itchy and dry scalp conditions like dandruff disappear thanks to its comforting properties.

Conditions and softens for hair perfection

Aloe Vera in a conditioner is the perfect ingredient because it adds softness even to dry and damaged hair. The result is smoother, shinier hair that flows. It stops breakage and repairs hair with every use, giving you the hair of your dreams.

If you’re serious about your hair care, choose Aloe Vera-based Evlogies to help repair damage naturally and help your hair achieve the luster, shine and vibrant healthfulness it deserves.

trio-blend complex

The finest and most exotic ingredients used at levels that really make a difference. With our unique synergistic-blend, this three-stage batch-mixing process ensures a perfectly-balanced and more highly-concentrated formula create hair-friendly benefits for amazing results. We’ve carefully studied and cultivated our special process for safe usage on your hair with premium results.

all our formulas are

Aloe Vera juice is the base ingredient in all of our formulations, along with purified water, hydrolyzed oils, plants extracts and powder ingredients. After our Aloe Vera product base has been carefully mixed, more sublime ingredients in their purest natural state are added to the product base blend. Our all-natural products are highly-concentrated to deliver a magical hair care experience from your very first use.

96% color retention – Sulfate-free | Salt-free – Gluten-free | Paraben-free – Phthalate-free | PABA-free –Biodegradable – 100% vegan – Never tested on animals.

love for quality and a healthy hair

We know your hair says it all! It provides the first impression of your level of sophistication—a personal image used to express your taste and identity.

Evlogies Labs has implemented a unique hair care product development process which enables us to deliver the best in class. A new and exclusive category of hair care products, with the highest quality ingredients and technology for enhanced and long-lasting results, have been made by selecting the finest and most exotic natural ingredients to create naturally perfect hair.

Our process begins with the selection of premium-quality natural ingredients because we always create our products from a solid foundation of quality, exclusivity, and effectiveness. These ingredients are combined together for complete harmony to take you through a sublime hair care experience.

Our entire focus is on delivering the best quality hair care products without regard to price or packaging. Keeping true to our natural roots, we only use useful packaging made from recycled materials.

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and quality proven products. We will treat you to the same best in class beauty experience that our loyal customers have enjoyed since day one, from when we started making private label hair care products for local and international hair salons and spas.


Perfected hair guarantee

If you’re not happy with the results, you can return the complete packaging and bottles along with your receipt (dated within 30 days of purchase). However, before sending the products, please send us an email to [email protected] We want to know your concerns!

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