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According to legend the argan tree originated in Argana, a village just northeast of Agadir in Morocco. Whether or not that’s the place of origin isn’t clear, however the argan tree is most certainly native to Morocco, particularly the southwestern regions where the fruits are commonly gobbled up by goats that leave behind only the center nut from the flesh of the fruit.


It’s in these nuts where the kernels that make argan oil come from. Argan oil has been used by the Moroccans for hair and skin health since ancient days. Even the Phoenicians documented argan oil as early as 1550 BC as something they used for both healing and beautification. Later on, in the year 1510, an African explorer named Leo Africanus found argan oil during his travels through Morocco and from there, it made its way to Europe. It was so rare and exotic that only the wealthiest people could capture the powers of healing beauty from it.


Today, argan oil is still a very prized ingredient in quality hair and skincare products. For hair, it holds many powerful benefits for not only beautifying hair to a state of perfection but also healing it deep down to bring it back to a luscious state. At Evlogies, we use argan oil in all our natural formulations to help your hair heal as well as exude the most luxurious and perfect beauty you’ve known.


Prevents dryness, dandruff and hair fall problems


Argan oil helps keep your scalp moisturized. This prevents dryness and dandruff as well as hair fall. It is full of natural nourishers including phenols, carotenes, unsaturated fats, squalene, and fatty acids.


Promotes rapid hair growth


Another thing argan oil does is help new cells form that stimulate the hair follicles which results in faster hair growth. Thanks to high levels of vitamin E, it strengthens weak hair strands from roots to tips with antioxidant protection power, reviving damaged hair. Even hair that endures coloring and other chemical treatments bounces back with argan oil.


Restores shine


Argan oil gives hair a big boost of shine. It is filled with antioxidants and fatty acids that go deep down into each strand and help them radiate with luster from inside out.


Heals hair damage


Because of the rich composition of nutrients naturally present in argan oil, it heals damage from coloring, chemicals, and heat styling. It contains omega-3 fatty acids and omega-9 fatty acids that heal brittle hair and split ends while penetrating the roots, follicles, and shaft, hydrating and nourishing it to help it to grow in longer and thicker than ever before.


Smooths frizz


No matter what hair style you have, you certainly don’t want it frizzy. Argan oil naturally smooths away frizz for a soft, soothed and perfect look.


Argan oil is fantastic for any woman that loves to change up her hair style because it provides a natural balance of pH for the scalp, restores smoothness, adds shine, and revives hair with repairing care from any damages done. Evlogies is serious about perfection in hair care which is why we use argan oil in our products. If you’re serious about it too, choose a formula like ours that helps restore your hair to sublime perfection with every use.

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