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Eclipta Alba Oil Hair Benefits

Naturally Perfected Hair

Eclipta Alba Oil

Eclipta alba oil is extracted from a perennial herb that is considered to be a natural, ayurvedic medicine that arrests hair loss while simultaneously accelerating hair growth. Unlike other over the counter medications that contain harsh chemicals and side effects, Eclipta Alba Oil is a natural cure to help regain luscious hair giving you long-lasting and permanent results. Professional studies have proven that Eclipta alba extracts promote a rapid increase in hair growth due to the powerful anti-hepatotoxin substances that it is made of. This rich extract also helps reverse premature graying of the hair, premature baldness and prevents dryness, resulting in improved texture and rejuvenated hair growth. Eclipta alba outperforms the over-the-counter hair tonic minoxidil, one of the most popular and effective medicines for restricting hair loss and activating hair growth. Eclipta alba increases hair growth by converting follicles from the telogen to the anagen phase.

trio-blend complex

Finest and exotic ingredients used at levels that really make a difference. With our unique synergistic-blend, three-stage ingredients, batch mixing process. This process ensures a perfectly balanced and more concentrated formula, making our products safe, exclusive and quality assured. The carefully studied and used, premium, safe and hair friendly ingredients on our products will give your hair amazing benefits.

all our formulas are

Aloe Vera juice as the base ingredient along with purified water, hydrolyzed oils, plants extracts and powder ingredients. After product base has been carefully mixed, more sublime ingredients in their purest natural state are added to the product base blend, that is why our products are highly natural and concentrated unlike any other product in the market today, It’s the magic of our unique trio blend complex process. Ingredients in three states when the final product is bottled and packed.

96% color retention – Sulfate-free | Salt-free – Gluten-free | Paraben-free – Phthalate-free | PABA-free –Biodegradable – 100% vegan – Never tested on animals.

love for quality and a healthy hair

Evlogies Labs adopts a unique hair-care product development process, which enables us to deliver the best in its class. A new and exclusive category of hair-care products, with the highest quality ingredients and technology for enhanced and long-lasting results, have been made selecting the finest and exotic natural ingredients to cater to the desire for naturally perfect hair.

Different from most hair-care product brands and manufacturers, our process starts with the selection of premium and exotic ingredients, never limited by price, because we always conceive our products in terms of quality, exclusivity, and effectiveness. We have achieved a complete harmony of ingredients to provide you a sublime experience.

We don’t conceive a product in terms of its price first, as we consider that this limits the quality of the product and of course the ingredients and its concentrations. Fancy packaging is not on our minds either; we deliver the best quality products in useful packaging made from recycled materials.


perfected hair guaranteed

If you’re not happy with the results, you can return the complete packaging and bottles along with your receipt (dated within 30 days of purchase). However, before sending the products, please send us an email to [email protected] We want to know your concerns!

Customer review

I have shoulder length coloured hair, which is greasy at the roots but very dry and frizzy at the ends. The very first time I used the sublime liquid masque it made a huge difference, my hair is really soft and smooth all over now. You are really supposed to use it with the PU Shampoo, but I use a special shampoo for my dry itchy scalp, and it still worked out fine. I’d definitely recommend this.

— Desiree Hicks

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