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Panthenol is a powerful humectant that due to its molecular structure retains moisture from air particles. This turns it into a powerful hydration system for the hair, which helps keep it soft by reducing evaporation and loss of water. This particle adds shine, softness, and pliability by creating a thin layer of moisture sealant throughout the surface of the hair and thus preventing dryness anywhere on your scalp or hair. This rich particle is derived from Vitamin B-5. It spreads evenly throughout the scalp and hair forming a smooth layer that prevents any knots or tangling while enhancing gloss and shine. This vitamin derivative helps prevent breakage in your tresses while restoring elasticity to your strands. You will notice a huge difference when your strands of hair flex naturally, as they are combed or brushed, rather than easily breaking off when they are brittle. Panthenol is also a very efficient detangler that works by penetrating shafts as well as coating them with a protective gloss, eliminating brittle strands that are difficult to remove without damaging or pulling out your hair resulting in healthier looking strands.

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