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Tea Tree Oil for Perfectly Perfect Hair

Since ancient times, tea tree oil has been used for hair care. It began in Australia thanks to native Aborigines that extracted it from the tree. It has healing properties that make it ideal for soothing cuts and restoring the skin and scalp.

In modern times, tea tree oil is gaining more popularity for the many benefits it brings to give hair more bounce, more luster, and more rich fullness for a perfect look. Evlogies uses tea tree oil in our exclusive natural formulations to help you achieve hair perfection. Here are the benefits tea tree oil has for your hair.

  1. Intensive moisture

Tea tree oil is extremely nourishing and moisturizing. It doesn’t just penetrate the strands of your hair for more elasticity but it also works into your scalp to make new hair growing in more beautiful and strong.

  1. Clears blocked hair follicles

When hair follicles become blocked by excess sebum and debris, it prevents new hair growth. Tea tree oil naturally unclogs the follicles, allowing new and refreshed hair to grow in for perfectly beautiful hair.

  1. Prevents dandruff and dryness

A dry, itchy scalp isn’t fun or pretty. Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties that strengthen your immune system and slough away dead cells. This prevents things like dandruff or lice, as well as fungal, viral or bacterial infections of the scalp so your head feels refreshed, restored and perfectly balanced.

  1. Lets hair grow in strong

Tea tree oil nourishes the roots to invigorate dormant and shrunken hair follicles. If you’ve had thinning hair or hair fall, using our Evlogies products with tea tree oil will help you restore your hair to fullness with a shining luster you’ll love.

Many people have no idea that the harsh chemicals they lather onto their scalp from cheaper, lower-quality hair care products are what is causing the damage to their hair. It might feel clean but it’s not as it breeds microorganisms that cause dandruff and block follicles to prevent hair growth. Using Evlogies with ensure your hair looks more perfect than ever, with tea tree oil to help heal the damage done and rebuild your hair from the root down to the tip.

Want to see your hair turn from thin and dull to brilliant and full? Use Evlogies hair care products to bring new life into your hair and restore your confidence with perfect hair today!

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